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Reopened capacity to increase China Alumina Output in September: SMM
2016-09-20 10:00:25
According to an SMM forecast, as production restarts after accident recovery and newly opened capacity, the average daily alumina output in China will improve by the end of September.
SMM forecasts China’s alumina output at 4.9 million tonnes in September, which is an increase of 3.86% from a year ago. Luoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Alumina Plant, which closed shutters after red mud dam landslide in early August, resumed operations in late August. Shanxi Huaxing Alumina whose production was affected by flood earlier also resumed production.
Alumina output in China had a YOY increase of 2.89% to 4.98 million tonnes in August from August 2015, but it dropped 1.41% from July total due to closures at two major producers following red mud accident or flooding. Due to drop in production alumina prices have been rising since August and the rising alumina price and falling aluminium prices have actually reduced profit at Chinese aluminium smelters. So, an increase in average daily alumina output in China will bring positive changes to the Chinese aluminium producers.
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