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The use of HY aluminum ball joint stanchion system
2016-07-20 09:02:22
 HY can not only provide grating panels,but  also can provide the guardrail handrail safety system.

HY Railing adopts ball joint design and the material is aluminum alloy 6063-T6. HY handrail stanchions are strong and durable, easy installation. The products have elegant appearance, and good anti-corrosive performance. It is widely used in shipyards, bridgeworks, power plants sewage treatment plants etc.

We can provide different type of stanchions meet the different demand. such as: P type, S type, W type, C type, S90 type, SC type, SO type, PC type, etc.

The application of stanchion handrail system covers widely:
1. Business building
2. Industry construction
3.Tourism contruction
4. Municipal construction
5. Civil residence construction
6. Walkway platform guardrail system

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