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Swaged Aluminum Gratings
Features of Aluminum Grating

Aluminum is one of the most abundant natural metal materials, providing a special combination of metal properties. Its unique metallic features and excellent workability make it the best choice for  bar gratings and louvers‘ material.

Aluminum grating is featured as light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance, which makes it a durable and strong environment adaptable building material.

Aluminum grating is a hundred percent recyclable metal material, which makes it an environment friendly material. And it can provide long term service (about 15 years) without corrosion. For years, it need none recoat while steel grating are not the case, which make it easily preserved and low maintaining cost. It also possesses good qualities as none toxic and high resilience.
Due to these superior qualities, aluminum grating is warmly welcomed in many industrial applications. Such as mining industry, sewage and waste water treatment plants, marine superstructure application, off-shore drilling rigs and the chemical processing industry etc. It is also an ideal option for architecture aesthetics and commercial applications, such as building façade system, sun screens, sun shade, high-rise top , fence and nature walkway.
Swaged Aluminum Grating

Swaged aluminum gratings are widely used in a large range of industral & commercial construction applications. It is assembled by a column of bearing bars and square cross bars. The cross bars was locked on a punched  square hole in bearing bars by high pressure.

We are dedicated to delivering our customer high quality and less-expensive swaged aluminum gratings. HY swaged aluminum grating with the strength of light weight, no sparking, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and pretty competitive price, which make it become more and more popular at construction projects.

         Types Available
  •  Flat aluminum grating panels(Max Length 7.5,width 1.5)
  •  Serrated aluminum grating panels(Max Length 7.5,width 1.5)
  •  Flat aluminum grating frame(specifications are based on customer's requirements)
  •  Serrated aluminum grating frame(specifications are based on customer's requirements)
         Finishes Available 
  • mill finish
  • clear anodized
  • powder coat
  • sun shade                      building façade system              fencing
  • sunscreens                    catwalk                                          walkway 
  • floors                               platforms                                       stair treads
  • truck grilles                    decoration grilles                         trench grating 
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