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Press-locked Aluminum Gratings
Aluminum Press-locked Grating 

Press-locked grating is made of pre-punched bearing bars and  flush top cross bars, fit them to each other's pre-punched slot with hydraulic pressure,bearing bar and cross bar are integrated rigidly. It performs better load capbilities than swaged bar gratings and it provides a smooth and clean appearance. Compared to press- welded grating, it possesses the same charateristics  with  none welding spots and better artistic looking.

Thanks to our engineering group's great effort, we are honored to present our customers with the aluminum press-locked grating, which is newly developed by HY Industry. We are confident that this new product will satisfy our customers' requirements by delivering more value-added product range.

        Types Available

  • Flat press-locked grating(specifications are based on customer's requirements)
  • Serrated press-locked grating(specifications are based on customer's requirements)
         Finishes Available 
  • mill finish
  • clear anodized
  • powder coat
  • passage          platform                  parking spot             fence                           
  • walkway          catwalk                  floors
  • façade             sunscreen shield  
  • building ceiling
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PA Series  - Press-Locked Aluminum Gratings

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