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(2016-05-09) Faithful+Gould considers entry strategy into Iran’s infrastructure co..
Faithful+Gould is considering its entry strategy for Iran’s construction market, according to Campbell Gray, managing director for the Middle East.
Gray told Construction Week that the consultancy is eyeing infrastruc..
(2016-05-05) China's consumption of aluminum up to a peak in 2020
The website of the newspaper, the official China Securities Journal said in a report that China's consumption of aluminum will reach a peak in 2020, where new growth will push industrial uses.
The Web site quoted the de..
(2016-04-29) The YUAN central parity record the largest increase in 10 years

As the US economy is not as expected, coupled with the yen "soaring" drag the weaker dollar, the RMB against the US dollar price momentum greatly increased.

China Foreign Exchange Trade Center rele..

(2016-04-25) USA's countervailing policy to china has little affected on China’..
With the decline of the international aluminum price, the aluminum industry will targeting focus on Chinese aluminum enterprises, considered to be China’s massive export of aluminum product  caused the international mar..
(2016-04-20) Aluminum Middle East Market Studies

A study by Harbor Intelligence rev..

(2016-04-18) London Art Deco beauty restoration uses aluminum building facade syste..

(2016-04-13) The advantages and applications of HY Alulminum Swaged Gratings
HY Swaged Aluminum Grating is made of aluminum alloy, and it is very popular used as construction and industry products.

The advantages of HY Aluminum Swaged gratings:

☻Light weight
(2016-04-08) Completion of Lekki Seaport in Nigeria slated for 2019

Nigeria’s deepest s..

(2016-04-06) American Museum building expansion tide under the recession

From 2007 to 2014, the United States on various museum expansion project spent nearly $ 5 billion. In a prolonged recession and low recovery situation, there are 26 museums spending huge amounts of money or collateral launch..

(2016-01-20) High Numbers Of Tourists Around the World To The Highest Level In 2015
According to the United Nations Organization on Monday,the number of tourists around the world may record 1.18 billion people during 2015, the highest lever ever.
 The World Tourism Organization showes that France is s..
(2016-01-18) China's Economy Grow By 7% In 2015

China's economy grew by about 7% in 2015,said Prime Minister Li Keqiang.

He also told that the employment oppurtunities widened more than expected, while consumption contributed about 60 percent to economic gr..

(2016-01-11) India Is Concerned About The Effect Of Lowering The Yuan On its Export..

Indian Commerce Minister "Nirmala Stheraman" said that the deva luation of the Chinese yuan is a "worrying development" for his country's exports.

The Chinese central bank on Thursday has a..

(2016-01-08) The Lowest Level OF Cash Reserve Of China In The Last More Than 3 Year..

China's cash reserve declined to the lowest level in more than three years during the last month, with sales of the dollar continues to restrain the decline of the local currency.

It announced the People's..

(2016-01-06) The British Government Is Preparing to Build 13 Thousand New Home

British Prime Minister "David Cameron," said the government will take all steps to start the construction of 13 thousand new homes on public land directly.

He described the "Cameron" This plan ..

(2015-12-23) China's Imports Of Iranian Oil Fell In November
Customs data showed on Monday China's imports of Iranian crude oil declined  5.1 percent from a year earlier in November ..
(2015-12-22) China’s Consumption Of Aluminum Will Reach A Peak In 2020
The website of the newspaper, the official China Securities Journal said in a report that China's consumption of aluminum will ..
(2015-12-07) China Lend "Kenya" $ 1.5 Billion

A spokesman for the Kenyan presidency said on Sunday that Kenya agreed to loan $ 1.5 billion from China to build a railway from the capital city of Nairobi to Naivasha in the Rift Valley.

It is expected to complet..

(2015-12-04) China Vows For The Second Time To Cut Coal Consumption

China reiterated its commitments to develop power plants using coal in the next five years, in an effort to reduce pollution and thick smoke..

(2015-11-30) Putin Orders To Halt Flights To Turkey

Russian President, Vladimir Putin, issued package resolutions imposing economic sanctions on Turkey, including a stop commercial flights to Turkish airports, and stop the recruitment of more Turkish employment in Russian com..

(2015-11-27) Chinese President Announces Radical Reforms In The Army

Chinese President "Xi Jinping" announced radical reforms in the army, to make the largest armed forces in the world more combat readiness to carry out operations outside the borders of the homeland.

The ..

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