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(2015-10-14) Senegal will restart Fala Mei iron ore mining plan
October 13, "The Sun" message, Senegal Ministry of Industry and Mining iron ore development project on the restart Fala Mei roundtable, more than 30 investment partners from around the world attende..
(2015-10-08) UK Builld Show
(2015-09-29) UK Construction Week
The newly launched UK Construction Week (6-11 October 2015), spans five halls of the NEC and will include nine shows specific to the UK constructi..
(2015-09-22) Likeqiang had a meeting with French finance minister
Premier Likeqiang had a meeting with French finance minister in Sep.19. They had a talk on strengthening the relationship  and coorperation between the two contries , this stimulates the development of China's foreign tra..
(2015-09-17) UK Build Show
(2015-02-06) HY honored presenting aluminum press-locked grating

Thanks to our engineering group's great effort, we are honorable to present our customers the al..
(2014-10-29) Welcome New Colleague!
Welcome Simon Liu, who has enormous experience in international marketing, has joined HY Industry as chief marketing intelligence.
(2014-10-21) Production peak season
Another production peak season is coming again, in Autumn! Meanwhile the Christmas Day is coming near!
Customers kindly organize your grating/louver orders wisely to avoid any shipment delay.
(2014-08-01) Welcome to contact us!
Every day, HY INDUSTRY is in growth and progress. The quality of our grating/louver is trustworthy, welcome to contact with us!
(2014-07-28) Training and Developing

HY INDUSTRY marketing and sales team often exchange experiences to each other and discuss ways to develop our customer se..

(2014-07-24) Semi year summarization convention
HY INDUSTRY held half-year summarization convention early this month.During the meeting, HY marketing team has set a higher standard for our products and our service level. With the expansion of the business, HY INDUSTRY will prov..
(2014-07-23) Our elegant demeanor at the exhibition
At the exhibition in shanghai from 2014.7.9-11, our company prepared hot dance for the show, which attracted large number of audience. In this hot summer, everyone is infected by this enthusiasm with happiness. During the exhibiti..
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